Airdrops made Easy
Simplifying Airdrop Complexity
AirDropsDAC offers custom EOSIO token contract design, snapshot analysis and distribution of tokens through airdrops on all EOSIO blockchains.

We make the whole process easier for the developer by taking care of every aspect of an airdrop.

We are a one-stop-shop for airdrops on EOSIO blockchains.

Our professional services ensure the airdrops we execute set a high watermark for engagement, efficiency and elegance.
Interested in learning more about our Airdrop Services?
ETHBNT airdrop is essentially a 10% bouns on your BNT holdings. ETHBNT holders are entitled to a proportional share of the trading fees from ETH-based transactions on the network.
ETHBNT airdrop was completed in January 2020.
DAPP HDL is the first ever vested airdrop on EOS. We designed the DAP HDL vesting contract in collaboration with LiquidApps team and executed the airdrop.
DAPPHDL airdrop was completed in May 2019.
Emanate is an audio exchange protocol built on EOS, allowing artists to be paid in real-time and to collaborate globally without the need of trust.
EMT airdrop was completed in March 2019.
Metal Packaging Token is a Blockchain-based solution to improve cost-effectiveness within the metal packaging industry.
MPT airdrop was completed in March 2019.
The Real World Coupon project aims to create the world’s first high performance coupon which will operate on various platforms to receive discounts on goods and services. RWC tokens the coupons.
RWC airdrop was completed in September 2019.
ZOS is an electronic discount token system that applies discounts to all of the services provided by AirDropsDAC. ZOS gives 50% discount on AirDropsDAC services in 2019, 25% discount in 2020 and 13% discount forever afterwards.
ZOS airdrop was completed in January 2019.
ZKS is the CPU & NET token for EOS blockchain. 10 ZKS can be redeemed for 0.9 EOS worth of CPU and 0.1 EOS worth of NET for 3 hours and 100 ZKS can be redeemed for 0.9 EOS worth of CPU and 0.1 EOS worth of NET for 24 hours.
ZKS airdrop was completed in November 2018.